Increase NOI.

Decrease emissions.

We are the first turn-key solar provider for multifamily owners in the United States.

Solar for owners

Shine is a new approach to an old industry.
We install solar on every tenant’s meter, maximizing NOI and addressing the main contributor to emissions.
Our solution is turnkey – we handle design, permitting, installation, tax credit monetization (if needed), billing, and maintenance.
We work in all 50 states.

How it works

Solar is confusing, we know. We’ve developed a simple, turnkey process to eliminate all the headaches for owners. Watch this video; if you still have questions about how Shine works, schedule a call.


Our proprietary platform enables energy data collection (including Scope 3 emissions), tenant billing, environmental reporting (GRESB, Energy Star, etc.) and lets owners view NOI and system performance.

Owner experience

CRE owners utilize unused rooftop space to install solar.
Tenants sign lease addendums to allow for monetization of solar power.
Shine pulls data from inverters, organizes it, and then sends a report to property manager.
Property manager adds solar charge to tenants’ bill, increasing NOI of property.

Tenant experience

Before Solar

Tenant pays $100/month
to electric utility

After Solar

Tenant pays $25/month
to electric utility

Tenant pays $75/month to property owner (owner can discount electricity if desired)

Our model rapidly decreases emissions from existing buildings to make a real impact.


Our projects increase NOI by $620/unit

Shine was built by apartment owners, for apartment owners. We’re a team of clean energy pros, master electricians, and tech entrepreneurs on a mission to help other apartment owners monetize onsite solar.
We got frustrated by the lack of good solutions. Nothing worked in all fifty states, projects had major hardware risk, and the focus was on reducing common area load only (we all know that’s a drop in the bucket).
We built Shine to work for everyone, everywhere. We are the only nationwide solution to help apartment owners eliminate Scope 2 AND Scope 3 emissions, all while monitoring Scope 3 emissions. We are committed to decarbonizing the multifamily industry.


Champion Villas

81 units | $31,866 in NOI | 208 kW | Rapid City, SD

Sierra Gardens

235 units | $127,095 in NOI | 393 kW | Fort Worth, TX

Montecito Club

308 units | $122,877 in NOI | 465 kW | Arlington, TX


232 units | $154,285 in NOI | 482 kW | Dallas, TX

Ready to increase NOI with onsite solar?

    Increase NOI with onsite solar


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